“We should all be mindful enough to recognize that if our efforts are not designed in such a way as to help others, then they are efforts of improper design….and they are efforts that are not worth pursuing.”

– J. Beck

What I do is NOT a trend, nor a popularity contest.
The world we live in disconnects us in so many ways.
Art, on the other hand, speaks to people.
It finds a way of communicating with others, and that’s what motivates me the most.

I certainly don’t consider myself a “business man” for the simple fact that I’m not trying to convince you to buy my stuff.

You will either feel it…or you wont.
Regardless, I thank you for taking the time
to look at my work.

How To Draw


What happens when Simon Scott, a young boy with AUTISM,
learns to master his special abilities?


featuring the artwork of illustrator Jerry Beck

In life, never be afraid to stray from the herd


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